Evaluating the Response

Thematic evaluations

Joint Evaluation of the Protection of Rights of Refugees during the COVID-19 pandemic
September 2020
Equitable access to vaccines
 October 2020

Country-led Evaluations

Evaluations of partner countries’ national responses to COVID-19

Burkina Faso

Strategic Evaluations

Strategic Joint Evaluation of the Collective International Development and Humanitarian Assistance Response to COVID-19
In progress
Early Synthesis report
July 2021

Technical Papers

Evaluating the Coherence of the International Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
November 2021
  The scoping study aims to inform the development of useful evaluations and to prompt critical thinking by suggesting relevant approaches, concepts and ways of thinking that can be applied in different contexts to evaluate coherence in responses to COVID-19.

Key Takeaways provides a summary of some of the key findings and recommendations from the report. We invite you to consult the full report available above for further information.


Snapshot Update: How are the COVID-19 response and recovery efforts being evaluated?
December 2022
  The paper provides an overview of how governments, and development and humanitarian actors are responding to COVID-19, and how these efforts are evaluated. The paper describes specific evaluation mechanisms and studies that are completed, planned or underway. 
  Previous version: How are the COVID-19 response and recovery efforts being evaluated?
November 2021
Reflections on the Evaluation approach and methodology used in a Process evaluation of three donor agencies’ responses in Bolivia during the COVID-19 pandemic
December 2021
  This note provides a concrete example of conducting an evaluation during a pandemic in a partner country. The purpose of this note is to support evaluators looking at evaluating the COVID-19 response and recovery efforts with methodologies, evaluative approaches and reference materials. The evaluation assesses how well the donor agencies, individually and jointly, have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in Bolivia and what learning can be drawn from that to inform future responses to similar emergencies.

This template document of Terms of Reference has been designed as an editable guidance document for use in evaluations of donor agency responses to COVID-19. It is meant to be used and adapted contextually by evaluators, evaluation commissioners and managers. 


Building Back Greener: Evaluation Scoping Study
December 2021
  This BBG scoping study focused on international development assistance and other international investments and programmes that have direct or indirect relationships to COVID-19 recovery and ‘green’ goals, policies, programmes, and projects.